Breastfeeding Relief Packs (2-pack)


Breast is best, but that doesn’t mean it’s always easy. Nipple pain, engorgement, clogged ducts, mastitis and low milk supply are common and can get in the way of your breastfeeding plan – but they don’t have to!

Rachel’s Remedy Breastfeeding Relief Packs are a life-saver for breastfeeding moms and deliver relief easily, naturally and discreetly. Our Relief Packs can help:

  • Increase milk supply
  • Prevent mastitis
  • Relieve nipple pain, clogged ducts, milk blebs, blisters, mastitis and engorgement
  • Soothe general pain and discomfort

Product Description

  • 100% Organic Cotton Cloth/ PUL waterproof pouch/ 100% Flaxseed filled pillow
  • Made in US
  • Rachel’s Remedy provides instant relief of breastfeeding pain that slips into any bra
  • Rachel’s Remedy is the only wearable moist heat therapy for nursing moms that slips into any bra and keeps clothes dry
  • Rachel’s Remedy is the only FDA-cleared moist-heat or cooling relief for nursing mothers
  • Rachel’s Remedy can help increase milk flow and encourage let-down
  • Rachel’s Remedy relieves symptoms associated with clogged ducts, mastitis, engorgement, increases milk flow and can help prevent mastitis
  • The only FDA-Cleared moist-heat or cooling relief for nursing moms on the market – 2 relief packs per pack
  • Increase your milk flow and relieve symptoms associated with mastitis, clogged ducts, engorgement and more
  • Organic cotton and flaxseed natural treatment and made in the U.S.A
  • Perfect to use right before pumping or nursing to increase milk flow and trigger let-down
  • Every nursing mom needs Rachel’s remedy

Moist heat is one of the most effective and highly recommended treatments for these conditions, but until Rachel’s Remedy, that meant having to hold warm dripping wet washcloths in place many times a day, taking 7 hot showers or baths a day (because new moms have SO much time for that!), or leaning into bowls of hot water (we’re not making this up).

Rachel’s Remedy Breastfeeding Relief Packs are a game changer for nursing moms everywhere. Our Breastfeeding Relief Packs slip into any bra, provide moist heat while a waterproof barrier keeps clothes dry. No more dripping wet washcloths, ladies! Relief is here. Our Breastfeeding Relief Packs are the only FDA-cleared moist heat or cooling packs on the market – and give nursing moms the freedom to go on with their daily lives while allowing them to relieve, soothe and prevent the most common (and uncommon) breastfeeding conditions.