Baby Bod App Tips and Troubleshooting

You should find the Baby Bod app very easy to use. On this page we will try to give you some Baby Bod app tips and also some troubleshooting tips.

Advanced Baby Bod Exercise Program
Editing a saved schedule

Baby Bod App Tips Edit Schedule

When you originally set up a schedule for the advanced program you selected a start date, end date and days of the week to perform the exercises.  The app will then create a schedule for you based on the days of the week you chose from the start date and end date
If you need to edit the schedule please note:

  • You can only edit dates greater than today
  • If you change the days of the week, it will change the days for the entire schedule from today onwards
  • TIP: If you want to do your exercises on Monday and Thursday of this week,  on Wednesday and Saturday of next week and Tuesday and Sunday of the following week, the easiest way is to set up 3 separate schedules

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