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The Baby Bod Exercise Tracker App was designed to help you keep track of your exercises as you fit them into your day. Most moms find it easier to fit them in bits and pieces throughout their busy day and the app will help you to make sure you complete the entire program.

Please refer to the exercise guidelines, detailed instructions and precautions in the book.

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I have written Baby Bod® to provide women with a gentle, effective solution to restore their health and wellness inside and out after giving birth. It is a DIY step-by-step program that can be started during pregnancy, one day after delivery or even years after becoming a mother.

This amazing program is gentle enough for pregnant women to do as a way to prepare for the rigors of childbirth and to make it easier to restart the program a day after childbirth, even if they had a C-section. Experienced moms will also benefit from this program even if it has been years since they gave birth.


Please make sure to read the precautions that are discussed in detail in the Baby Bod® book. Also, read the precautions that are mentioned in some of the exercise screens in this app.

Here is a list of general precautions to take when using this exercise program:

  • Make sure you discuss this exercise program with your healthcare professional and get medical clearance to exercise. Some of you may have conditions that may prevent you from participating with this program during pregnancy or even after childbirth.
  • These exercises should not cause pain. If you experience pain, stop performing the exercise that causes pain immediately and wait a day or two before trying to do it again. You can continue with any other exercises that do not cause pain.
  • If you are pregnant, avoid doing any of these exercises in the supine position (lying on your back). Instead choose other positions to perform the exercise, such as lying on your side, sitting or standing.
  • If you had a vaginal delivery have a large tear in your bottom as a result of childbirth (Grade 3 or 4 tear) wait 6 weeks before performing the pelvic core starter exercise.

If you had a C-section, make sure not to cause pain along your incision while performing the exercises. Wait until you are Six-Weeks postpartum before doing any exercises that cause a pull on the incision. Modify the exercises to smaller pain free ranges if you experience pain or discomfort in your abdomen, and then gradually build up to moving in pain free ranges. (Make sure to read Chapter 9 for more detailed instructions on C-section recovery.)



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