Baby Bod – Turn Flab To Fab in 12 Weeks Flat

Pregnancy and childbirth isn’t all sunshine and roses. While it may be the most exciting time in a woman’s life, it brings with it a long list of physical issues that most women assume are “normal” changes they must accept when they become mothers. A lot of new moms simply aren’t comfortable discussing these changes, even with their doctors. That’s right – I’m talking about a leaky bladder, lower back pain, and a flabby stomach, just to name a few.

Most women are offered top notch care while they are pregnant and during delivery, but the majority of health care professionals often forget to address the needs of the women behind that belly, especially after giving birth. There is an attitude that the physical strains placed on a woman’s body as a result of child birth is temporary and will somehow magically revert back to normal “over time”. This is not true. These changes can lead to life long problems and can be prevented with proper postpartum care.

The Baby Bod Book

A Groundbreaking Self-Care Program
for Pregnant 
and Postpartum Women

Turn Flab into Fab in 12 Weeks Flat! Let BabyBod get you into the best shape for delivery and then get your sexy back on as a mom! This revolutionary program will give you phenomenal results, even if it’s been years since you had your last child. It’s the first program ever to bridge the gap between medical care and the special fitness needs of women like you. If you want to rock pregnancy and beyond, make BabyBod your new BFF!

IN THIS BOOK, I’LL TEACH YOU how to get into the best possible shape for pregnancy and how to go from flab to fab after you give birth! I developed Baby Bod in my New York City physical therapy practice and tested it on hundreds of women before creating this super-convenient home version. If you are pregnant, or a first-time or veteran mom age 18 to 40+, you won’t find a more comprehensive source of evidence-based, self-care advice and fitness instruction anywhere!

Pregnant women can use the Baby Bod Program to prepare for the rigors of childbirth and learn the best way to get back in shape again starting from day one after delivery, even if you have a C-section!

Postpartum momsBaby Bod will help you flatten your bellies and recover strength and tone in every muscle, tissue, and organ that was stretched, compressed, or strained during pregnancy. It will tone your butt, back and thighs, and recondition the pelvic floor muscles that support the vaginal walls, making sex yummy again.  If you want to rock your pregnancy and beyond, make Baby Bod your new BFF!!!

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Baby Bod Online Coaching Program

Exciting News!

Many mom’s have told me that they feel overwhelmed and would like extra support while learning the Baby Bod Program. So, I developed the Baby Bod Coaching Program.

In the Baby Bod Coaching Program you will have your very own Certified Baby Bod Pratitioner act as your personal coach!

You can do this program with your own personal coach in the comfort of your own home!

Let your Baby Bod Coach teach you the best way to prepare for childbirth and learn the fastest and safest way you can get back in shape after becoming a mom… even if it has been years!

The coaching program is designed for pregnant women, new moms and experienced moms. It is never too late to recover from childbirth! Once Postpartum, Always Postpartum!

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Baby Bod Exercise Tracker App

The Baby Bod Exercise Tracker App is designed to help you keep track of your exercises as you fit them into your day.


Marianne Ryan PT, OCS

I am not only a mother; I am a physical therapist with a passion for helping women with the often-overlooked postpartum issues described above. It is easy for me to relate to other moms because I suffered with recurrent back pain and a leaky bladder for years. I tried several different exercise programs and even a biofeedback program for months at a time. Nothing helped, until I developed an evidenced based exercise program called Baby Bod®. I have written Baby Bod® to provide women with a gentle, effective solution to restore their health and wellness inside and out after giving birth. It is a DIY step-by-step program that can be started during pregnancy, one day after delivery or even years after becoming a mother.

This amazing program is gentle enough for pregnant women to do as a way to prepare for the rigors of childbirth and to make it easier to restart the program a day after childbirth, even if they had a C-section. Experienced moms will also benefit from this program even if it has been years since they gave birth.

Marianne Ryan

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