Young woman running outdoors in a city park on a cold fall/winter day (motion blurred image)

Many new moms feel they have to do high impact workouts in order to build up a sweat, get fit, burn fat and lose baby weight. However, high impact exercise is a common cause of Stress Urinary Incontinence (SUI), or wetting yourself when you exercise/cough/sneeze, particularly in postnatal women.

Fiona Rodgers who is an Australian physiotherapist  wrote a fabulous artcle discussing when it is safe to return to high impact exercises, like running, after childbirth.

CLICK HERE to read Fiona’s advice.

Fiona Rogers BPhty GDExSpSc APAM  is a Women’s Health Physiotherapist in Australia. Throughout her 30-year career, Fiona has worked in a variety of settings in both public and private sectors.She has worked exclusively in the area of women’s health for the past 15 years. Fiona now divides her time between clinical work and running the website Pelvic Floor Exercise™ which is Australia’s only specialty online shop for pelvic floor exercise devices and resources, trusted and recommended by health professionals across the country and internationally. Fiona is passionate about sharing the message of pelvic floor health and does this through her blog and high profile social media presence worldwide.